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Leader in used satellite antennas and RF gear joins World Teleport Association to help foster a more efficient and robust after-market for satellite gear

Satellite 2013, and Pompano Beach, FL – March 19th, 2013 - New Era Systems, Inc – the leader in new & used satellite antennas and RF gear – announced in celebration of its 13th year in business an initiative to foster a more robust and efficient used earth station equipment marketplace. The campaign kicks off with a drawing for a free iPad.

New Era Systems estimates there are hundreds of millions of dollars worth of un-used antenna and RF equipment assets in satellite earth stations around the world that could be profitably re-employed elsewhere. “Until now, however, there has not been a well-known industry resource for buying and selling used gear, or disposal of large antenna systems,” according to Phil Thomas, President of New Era Systems. “Our goal is to raise awareness of the pre-owned equipment market place — where we can help antenna buyers save money, and also help turn surplus antennas and gear into cash.”

New Era Systems is inviting WTA members and teleports, as well as earth station owners, operators and affiliates to register interest in creating a more robust after-market and join the discussion.

We will work with teleports and the industry to create a more efficient and transparent after-market for satellite equipment,” Thomas added.

Robert Bell, Executive Director of the World Teleport Association (WTA) commented on the initiative “We are delighted to welcome New Era Systems to the World Teleport Association.   We look forward to adding them to the WTA marketplace, and to working with New Era Systems to educate our members on after-market equipment opportunities.”

About New Era Systems, Inc. New Era Systems — the leader in used satellite antennas and RF gear — sells and stocks new & used equipment, offering deep discounts and faster worldwide delivery of large and small satellite antennas, modems, VSATs, BUCs, transceivers, amplifiers and more. With its industry-leading quality testing, and refurbishment services, and resale guarantees, New Era Systems, continues its second decade as a trusted supplier of pre-owned antenna and RF gear for satellite ground facilities worldwide.

The company helps earth stations turn their surplus equipment into cash, with gear refurbishing, and resale, and antenna system de-install/install services. New Era Systems is also a full service satellite communications provider to Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

New Era Systems Inc. Press Contact: Dan Freyer, AdWavez Marketing
310 849-0721
World Teleport Association Contact: Matthew Owen
212-825-0218 x105