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Turnkey VSAT System

Turnkey VSAT Systems

We take the word "Turnkey" very seriously. Very few of our clients are satellite experts, many are not even satellite knowledgeable, so we take the responsibility of managing every stage of the installation.

Different needs have different configurations, so the installation plan starts with a question and answer session with the client. When our people understand the purpose of the VSAT installation they recommend the exact configuration required for equipment and for bandwidth.

The Components of a VSAT package

  • Antenna (measured in meters)
  • BUC (measured in watts)
  • Satellite Modem
  • LNB
  • Router

While the clients equipment is being installed we make provision at our Teleport hub for matching satellite communications equipment to be assigned to the client. This matching equipment provides the point to point satellite circuit giving our clients access to the Public Internet and VoIP services for either world-wide calling or connection to a private network.

For each client we book satellite transponder capacity using the satellite that is best placed to connect our client from Africa or the Americas back to the USA.

It is normal for a client to change requirements over the length of a bandwidth contract. In most cases increases or decreases in satellite capacity can be changed within a few days to meet the client's requirements. 

Shared Bandwidth or Dedicated Bandwidth

In cases where our clients have several VSAT sites it is possible for them to share one satellite link across all of their sites. This type of shared bandwidth service can be very beneficial to the nodes on the network. At times when one or more of the branches is not fully utilizing their shared of the bandwidth, another of the branches can grab the unused bandwidth - we call this "bursting".

Co-Location at our Teleport

At our Miami Teleport hub site we have spare equipment racks where our clients can install a variety of equipment configured to suit their particular requirements. Corporate routers, VoIP equipment and Bandwidth managers are examples of co-lo equipment.

1.8M VSAT Antennaimage of vsat antenna
C-Band 20 Watt BUCimage of satellite 20 watt c-band amplifier
Internet Connectionimage of cisco 1721 router