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Turnkey Satellite Service, plus 50% off Used Satellite Equipment.

Used Satellite Equipment for sale in our Warehouse

Our warehouse contains the world's largest stock of used satellite equipment. We frequently buy the total contents of teleports we end up with a wide variety of equipment related to satellite operations.

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image of satellite amplifiers

Used Satellite Equipment, Testing and Quality Control

The most important aspect of our used equipment business, is the testing, and guarantee that we offer with our equipment sales. If a failure occurs during the guarantee period, we fix it or offer a refund.

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used satellite amplifiers

We Purchase Surplus Satellite Equipment

Sometimes, it's a single item, like an antenna, other times we will buy 200 modems or 250 3W BUCs. If you have surplus of anything that can be used in satellite operation, come and talk to us.

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Andrew 9M antenna

Refurbish and Repair Satellite Equipment

We specialize in antenna feed repair and re-configuration. If you need to convert a two port to four port, linear to circular, we are happy to quote.

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components for satellite services

Bandwidth & Satellite Connections for Africa and the Americas

Through working partnerships with some of the best American and European earth stations we can offer monthly bandwidth servicee to any client in Africa or the Americas.

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remote VSAT site

Budget Priced, Top Quality TV Broadcast Studio

Different types of business need to broadcast live events, but achieving professional quality broadcasts used to be an expensive and difficult process. No more, we specialize in high quality at a budget price.

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professional TV broadcast studio