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Satellite-based communication in the mining industry has escalated.

"The Global VSAT Forum, reports that satellite-based communications in the mining industry have escalated in recent years, owing to a reduction in costs and an increase in operational productivity."

Sites need different forms of communication:

  • Site to Head office
  • Housing Compound to Family
  • Mobile Connection for Exploration Teams
  • Site-wide Wireless Connections
Satellite connections can supply all of these, and more. When our clients bring their needs to us, together we design the best possible solution.

We offer complete turnkey systems, equipment, installation and monthly bandwidth service. We have a separate site that offers more information about our mining solutions: Go there

Contact us to discuss your needs. We are very knowledgeable and can provide a cost effective, reliable system for Internet access, telephone communication and secure data transmission between the mine site and your head office.

Contact Or Telephone: 1 954-974-7144

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