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AVL 1.8M Vehicle Mount News Gathering System.

vertex 4.8m ku band antenna
vertex-4.8M antenna photograph

Product Details

When we purchased this 1.8M KU-Band AVL antenna system we understood that it came from a working news truck. Although it was once mounted on a news truck, it had not been used for a year at least. It was dirty and needed a lot of attention before it could be resold.

The complete package consists of the fully motorized antenna and antenna controller. The design purpose of the antenna package is to have the SNG truck operator input the satellite details into the controller and have the electronics direct the antenna to the chosen satellite and automatically lock it into position.

Before we could even test the antenna, a new set of cables had to be made, a gear box calibrated and a host of minor things made good. We handed this job to an AVL authorized facility called Comlabs of Melbourne Florida, who did an outstanding job getting the engineering and the appearance perfect.