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Comtech-EFData CSAT-5060-25 Transceiver

photograph of Comtech EFData C-Band transceiver
Comtech EFData 25W C-Band transceiver

Product Details

25W C-Band Transceiver, 5845 to 6425 MHz

The CSAT-5060 and CSAT-6070 C-Band Transceivers provide superior performance, long-term reliability, and ease of installation. A very price-competitive product, these transceivers embody the best design efforts of our highly experienced RF engineering team.

The CSAT-5060 and CSAT-6070 deliver the full rated power, or more, measured at the 1 dB compression point and at the output flange. You will know the useable output power you are paying for, and receive full value for your investment.

The dual synthesizers in this family of transceivers deliver superior phase noise performance, exceeding Intelsat specifications by a substantial margin. Your applications will benefit from outstanding spectral purity and the ability to operate in multi-carrier environments with less worry. The design provides a high TOI that allows multi-carrier applications without the issues normally encountered in low power environments. The CSAT-5060 and CSAT-6070 deliver performance usually found only in split converter SSPA systems.

A variety of full monitor and control methods are designed into the CSAT-5060 and CSAT-6070: Convenient connection using an optional small, hand-held terminal Easy access via EIA-232 or EIA-485 connections with optional Ethernet support (HTML, Telnet, SNMP) Remote management via the CDM modem family or the PC-based SatMac proprietary M&C software




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