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NJT5307F 4 Watt VSAT BUC

NJT5307 on the test bench
The back of NJT5307 amplifier

Product Details

New Japan Radio outdoor amplifiers are the most common in the world. The new models are reliable, inexpensive, lightweight and easy to operate.

The Block Up Converter (BUC) required a 24VDC power, 10 MHz reference and the L-Band signal. All of these needs are supplied by the IF cable connected to an L-Band modem. When we test these BUCs prior to shipping we use a Comtech EFData CDM-570L modem for testing.

With all low power BUCs the published output of 4 watts, is what the manufacturers describe as typical, all of these BUCs tested so far have exceeded the manufacturer's 4W estimate.