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For Sale - Varian KU-Band Variable Phase Combiner

vertex 4.8m KU-Band earth station antenna
back of vertex 4.8m KU-Band earth station antenna

Product Details

There are two reasons to use a phase combiner, in most cases the earth station is looking for additional power beyond the capacity of its primary amplifier, and by combining two identical amplifiers using a phase combiner, it is possible to increase the transmit power of the combination.

However it is not possible to take for example, two 300 watt amplifiers and expect to have a 600 watt total. Instead it is more likely to have a new output total of a little greater than 400 watts.

If the Earth Station operator is not looking for a power increase, the other reason to use a phase combiner is for redundancy, if one of the attached HPAs malfunctions, the second unit will continue to output power.

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