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Vertex 4.8M KU-Band Earth Station Antenna

vertex 4.8m ku band antenna
vertex-4.8M antenna photograph

Product Details

We originally purchased two Vertex 4.8 meter four port transmit receive antennas, one from San Diego and the other from Las Vegas. They both had the advantage of being in a dry climate that kept them in perfect condition. Although the stated frequency transmit range is 14GHz to 14.5GHz, our examination of the feed tube indicates that it is capable of the full range from 13.75 to 14.5GHz.

The antenna features a Miteq 1:1 LNA controller and a Kamen Locus 1:1 LNA plate. The beacon receiver is Vertex TRK-14 with a Vertex 7134 Antenna controller and 7150 Outdoor control box.

We purchased two of these Vertex Antennas, one in San Diego and the other in Las Vegas. In March of 2016 the last of the antennas were sold, but check back with us to see if there are any more antennas are coming available.