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Since our company's formation in July 2000 we have been offering satellite communication solutions for business, religious organizations, NGOs and Government Departments. During these years we have learned one valuable lesson, that the client does not want excuses, finger pointing and blaming others for mistakes. The typical client wants a high speed satellite internet product, installed quickly and cheaply. This is why we chose to do everything in-house and be the sole VSAT provider for every client.


VSAT and Mining

The Global VSAT Forum, reports that satellite-based communications in the mining industry have escalated in recent years, owing to a reduction in costs and an increase in operational productivity...

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Vsat and Cybercafe

We have many years of expertise in installing VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) in Cyber Cafes, providing connectivity in both C-band and Ku-band. We have deployed over 30 VSATs across Africa.

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Satellite Internet

We make our living selling satellite service but will be the first to admit that we recommend fiber service anywhere that its available. The primary reason is PRICE, satellite service can cost as...

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VoIP Phone service

If you work in a branch office of an overseas company, using VoIP over your VSAT connection to the US can give you free calls to head office. Depending upon your requirement you can have up to...

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Shared Bandwidth Service for Africa

We have just deployed a "BURST" bandwidth C-Band service covering nearly all of Africa on Intelsat IS25. C-Band does not suffer from those annoying KU rain fade problems ..

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Shared Bandwidth for Latin America

In Latin America, the smaller KU Band antennas are favored by our clients and we are pleased to offer a well priced, robust, shared bandwidth platforms...

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Broadcast your Event Live to the World!

We offer a complete TV broadcast Studio built to your specifications, high quality but affordable...Just add a pair of cameras and you are a TV Broadcaster

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