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Mining site satellite

Mines need Internet, email and telephone service, no matter how remote they are.


Exploration by its nature occurs in the most remote and in-hospitable parts of the world, costs of exploration are high, and shaky communication is not acceptable. In 90% of the cases the answer to your communication problem is SATELLITE.


Mining site satellite

Vsat and Cyber Cafe's


We have many years of expertise in installing VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) in Cyber Cafes, providing connectivity in both C-band and Ku-band. We have deployed over 30 VSAT across Africa. Working with our overseas associates, we can connect clients to over three different satellites. We have successfully...


Mining site satellite

Fiber or Satellite Backbone?


We make our living selling satellite service but will be the first to admit that we recommend fiber service anywhere that its available. The primary reason is PRICE, satellite service can cost as much as ten times more than a fiber link.






If you work in a branch office of an overseas company, using VoIP over your VSAT connection to the US can give you free calls to head office. Depending upon your requirement you can have up to 30 lines in use at any one time. We call this on-net traffic termination.



Vsat Design

VSAT Design


When we design a VSAT antennas system there are many variables to consider, but for simplicity we can narrow down the list to the location, the antenna size and the output power of the BUC or transceiver. The most critical calculation is to match the power of the BUC with the diameter of the antenna in order to have sufficient power to send a clear signal to the satellite.

Vsat C band Ku band

C-Band or KU-Band, What are they?


The major Satellite operators, companies offer two common types of commercial frequency to choose from. Our clients choose from either cband or ku Band service. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Ku band provides very high frequency transmissions well suited to TV transmission or credit card validation applications.