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Fiber or Satellite Backbone?vsat-cyber-cafe-user

We make our living selling satellite service but will be the first to admit that we recommend fiber service anywhere that its available. The primary reason is PRICE, satellite service can cost as much as ten times more than a fiber link.


Operational Undersea Internet Cables.


  • EASSy 3840 Gigabits
  • GLO-1 2500 Gigabits
  • MaIN OnE 1920 Gigabits
  • Lion 1300 Gigabits
  • Lion2 1280 Gigabits
  • Seacom 1280 Gigabits
  • TEAMS 1280 Gigabits
  • SAT3 340 Gigabits



So why does satellite internet still flourish?

Take Africa as an example, although there are several fiber rings serving the coastal regions, the interior is still poorly linked with fiber service. In other places where fiber is available, poor administration, spotty technical support and outrageous high prices have made it unattractive.


For a reasonable cost the ISP owner can install a VSAT system and choose satellite service as the primary or backup service.